Feb 9 • 5M

UNLOCKED AUDIO ESSAY: standing on the shoulders of complex female characters

content warning: vocal fry

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cultural criticism & its consequences. essays from rayne fisher-quann's internet princess read aloud, perhaps more in the future...
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hey all!

just want to start off by saying thank you for all the support on my latest essay. as some of you know, i was super anxious about publishing it — it was my first time writing purely in an interior stream-of-consciousness style about my own experiences with illness, and it means the world that such an unbelievable number of people understood it as it was and connected with it like you did. i never stop thinking about how lucky i am to have such a compassionate, critical, and empathetic readership. <3

on a masturbatory note, it’s also the essay that got me to 10,000 free subscribers..! after only a couple months of publishing on here, this is huge for me, and i wanted to celebrate by recording complex female characters as my first audio essay. most of these won’t be sent out to the whole list — audio essays are typically a bonus feature only available to paying subscribers, so if you’d like to access eventual audio versions of all my past and future essays, as well as potential voice memos, rants, and podcast-style interviews with fellow internet ladies and maybe my boyfriend, i encourage you to subscribe!

SCHTICK ALERT: subscribing for the cost of a cup of coffee a month is what makes all of my online work possible, and it helps keep my content accessible and ad-free. it also pays my rent (i live in vancouver).

ANYWAY… here it is! i am desperately trying to figure out how to use audacity so please be patient with my audible swallowing noises. i hope you enjoy and please let me know if you want more of these! <3