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internet princess is rayne fisher-quann’s sexy & scintillating blog/newsletter/community hub. i’m a writer, cultural critic, short-form video essayist, full-time performance artist, and medium-insane woman from toronto, canada. you might know me from tiktok, twitter, my work as a music journalist, or my borderline embarrassingly prolific internet presencevox once called me an “internet it girl” and vanity fair has dubbed me an “internet princess at large”. not bad for a girl who struggles to shower regularly!

i started internet princess because i wanted to create a community around nuanced, sharp, subversive cultural criticism that still remained grounded in compassion and empathy. i was inspired by the longform blogs and underground essayists that shaped my own budding political views back before the internet powers-that-be pulverized my attention span into oblivion; i think attention is a remarkably powerful thing, and it means the world to me that you’d consider giving me yours.

the internet princess experience is best when you subscribe — for $5/month, you get full access to incisive criticism, tasteful cultural curation, audio essays, community forums for cool girls and internet addicts, the ability to read & submit to a regular advice column, and more. my paid community is super important to me — i often go to them for advice and help with brainstorming future essays, and try to know as many of them on a personal level as i possibly can. it’s because of them that my presence across all platforms is ad- and sponsorship-free, and it’s with the growth of that community that i hope to eventually turn my whole substack into a thriving multidisciplinary platform where i can feature paid guest essayists, produce a regular podcast, host a book club, and more. most importantly, subscribing proves to those in your life that you Uplift Women! it’s my hope that an internet princess subscription is ultimately a vehicle for your own social capital. ;)

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